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CPCCLRG3001A Licence to perform rigging basic level

Comprehensive Basic Rigging Training Course in Sydney

Become an asset to the construction industry with a new qualification! At Australian Construction Training, we provide comprehensive courses across several different areas including CPCCLRG3001A Licence to perform rigging basic level. The course aim is to equip trainee's with the fundemental knowledge and skills to obtain a National Licence To Perform High Risk Work Class RB (Basic Rigging) (CPCCLRG3001A).


It requires the applicant to be able plan the work, select and inspect equipment, set up task, erect structures and plant and dismantle structures and plant. This course grants you a Basic Rigging Licence and allows you to perform rigging work in Australia, related to:

  • Movement of plant and equipment
  • Steel erection
  • Placement of pre-cast concrete
  • Safety nets and static lines
  • Mast climbers and material hoists
  • Perimeter safety screens and shutters
  • Cantilevered crane loading platforms

At ACT in Sydney, we are passionate about providing all-inclusive training and courses that produce superior skills to lead to a more productive and safer workplace.

Required skills for this basic rigging training course are:

  • Ability to calculate Safe Working Load (SWL) and Working Load Limit (WLL)
  • Ability to erect and dismantle, level, plumb and stabilise associated plant and structures
  • Ability to work safely at heights including the correct application of safety equipment
  • Accurate interpretation of basic structural charts and structural plans (site information) Applying methods for making temporary connections of ropes using fibre and synthetic types
  • Apply methods of splicing and whipping fibre and synthetic ropes during training
  • Correct application and use of all rigging and associated equipment
  • Risk assessment and hazard control strategies
  • Interpersonal and communication skills at a level sufficient to site/workplace requirements. This includes the relevant communication methods and equipment.
  • Verify problems and equipment faults and demonstrate appropriate response.

Required knowledge for this basic rigging training course is:

  • Appropriate mathematical procedures for estimation and measurement of loads
  • Ability to interpret manufacturer's specifications for all plant and equipment use in rigging operations
  • Knowledge of principles relating to all plant, equipment and structural stability
  • Knowledge of the types and functions of rigging, safety and associated equipment including an understanding of their limitations
  • Organisational and workplace standards, requirements, policies and procedures for rigging
  • Understanding of the hierarchy of hazard identification and control
  • Relevant Commonwealth, state or territory and local government OHS legislation, standards and codes of practice for undertaking rigging activities
  • Understanding of inspection and maintenance requirements of a wide range of appropriate plant and equipment in line with Australian Standards or manufacturer's specifications
  • Estimation of ground bearing pressures of the full range of soil types and associated ground conditions for setting up plant and equipment.

A person who demonstrates competency in this training must be able to provide evidence of the ability to:

  • Comply with WHS licensing legislation
  • Effectively communicate and work safely with others in the work area
  • Effectively conduct risk assessment and management procedures
  • Effectively complete the following tasks:-
  • Inspection of all plant and equipment, and
  • Installation of a fall arrest system (Static line), and
  • Use of a safety harness / fall arrest system, and
  • Installation of crane loading platforms and
  • Installation of a safety net, and
  • Installation of a shutter and safety screen, and
  • Demonstrated ability to work safely at heights, and
  • Erection of structural steel, and
  • Erection of precast panel, and
  • Set up and operation of a winch for load movement, and
  • Installation of a materials hoist, or
  • Installation of a mast climber
  • Effectively demonstrate the following knots, bends and hitches
  • Effectively demonstrate the required splices and whippings.


  • Valid HRWL Class DG (Dogging) 
  • Statement of Attainment CPCCLDG3001A Licence to perform dogging
  • Ability to read, write and understand English
  • Mathematics ability to work out formula for loads etc.
  • 18 years of age or over


Five days including 1 day SafeWork NSW assessment.




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